Getting There & Away

  • Târgu Neamţ is large enough to have regular bus and maxitaxi services to towns and cities throughout the region.
  • At least four daily buses go to Suceava (20 lei, two hours) and several maxitaxis run to Iaşi (13 lei, two hours).
  • Hourly buses run to Piatra Neamţ (10 lei, one hour).
  • Check the website for an up-to-date timetable.

Getting Around

  • Accessing the monasteries from Târgu Neamţ on public transport is difficult and schedules don't allow for seeing them all in one day – it's much easier and more efficient to drive or take an organised tour. The Suceava-based travel agency Explore Bucovina offers tours of the Neamţ county attractions and monasteries, though tours depart from Suceava.
  • Three of the monasteries, Neamţ, Văratec and Agapia, are located near populated areas and have regular bus and maxitaxi services to and from Târgu Neamţ (4 lei).
  • You can hike to Văratec from Agapia (two hours) and continue on to Sihla and other monasteries along clearly marked trails.