Neamţ Citadel is the only major sight within the town limits of Târgu Neamţ. The monasteries are located in a cluster 10km to 15km southwest of town.


Târgu Neamţ has a handful of hotels and pensiunes. The village of Agapia, near the monastery of the same name, is loaded with decent pensiunes.


Târgu Neamţ has a couple of worthy restaurants, but a better bet is to take a meal at one of the pensions around town or close to the monasteries – many have good restaurants that are open to everyone.

If you're going to be hiking between the monasteries, buy food and drink in Târgu Neamţ before setting out as eating options are few and far between on the trails.

Drinking & Nightlife

Târgu Neamţ is a sleepy place and the monasteries even sleepier. A beer or wine with dinner is about the only option.