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Top Choice Museum in Târgu Mureş

Culture Palace

This ornate secessionist-style building, ostentatiously tiled on the outside and colourfully furnished within, is unlike anything else in Transylvania. Built 1911–13, the Culture Palace harbours busts and glass port…
Top Choice Museum in Târgu Mureş

Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic exhibitions can be humdrum, so Târgu Mureş’ hay-strewn and vividly soundtracked museum is a welcome surprise. A voiceover (in Romanian), supplemented by a multilingual booklet, guides you through a racy…
Top Choice Romanian in Târgu Mureş

Laci Csárda

Shaped like a wooden church, this striking restaurant with an outdoor terrace prepares heaving platefuls of nourishing peasant fare such as koloszvari-style stuffed cabbage (with pork and rice), paprika mushrooms, a…
Notable Building in Târgu Mureş

County Council Building

Next door to the Culture Palace is the County Council Building (1905–7), also secessionist in style. Its decorative orange and green tiled roof and ornate 60m watchtower have made it one of Târgu Mureş' most photogr…
Cocktail Bar in Târgu Mureş


The illuminated wall of red and white bottles is clue enough: Piaf is mixology central. Cocktail creation extends beyond the excellent mojitos. There is an ample selection of mocktails, infused with exotic flavours …
Historic Building in Târgu Mureş


Visitors can wander freely within the walls of Târgu Mureş' citadel, whose foundations date to 1492. It houses the Fortress Church and City Museum, and its gardens are a soothing space to stroll.
Church in Târgu Mureş

Orthodox Cathedral

The dominating Orthodox Cathedral (1925–34) was designed to impress, with Byzantine-style paintings and gold-haloed icons of saints – plus a politically charged mural of a ‘Romanian peasant’ Jesus being whipped by n…
Romanian in Târgu Mureş


Hearty schnitzels, paprika chicken and veggie chilli is on the menu at this local lunch favourite. The embroidered tablecloths and cosy interior matches the homestyle cooking perfectly. Lunch specials cost a reasona…
Classical Music in Târgu Mureş

State Philharmonic

With performances taking place in the impressive Culture Palace, it's well worth planning ahead to see opera, organ recitals, choral ensembles and more.
Desserts in Târgu Mureş


Quell the munchies as you museum-hop around Târgu Mureş by grabbing one of Donuterie's rainbow-coloured, chocolate-covered or Oreo-sprinkled creations.