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Museum in Târgu Mureş

Ethnographic Museum

On the square’s western side, just past adjoining Piaţa Teatrul, is the simple Ethnographic Museum, housed in the baroque Toldalagi Palace (1762). The collection of traditional fabrics, pots, looms and tools is dryl…
Museum in Târgu Mureş

Culture Palace

Built 1911–13, this secessionist-style building is unlike anything you’ll find around Transylvania. Inside its glittering, tiled, steepled roofs are ornate hallways, colourful walls, giant mirrors imported from Veni…
Romanian in Târgu Mureş

Laci Csarda

Attached to the Pensiunea Tempo, this terraced and indoor restaurant has a Hungarian-accented menu, with a lavish selection of cold plates, soups, goulash, pies, steaks and salads.
Swimming Pool in Târgu Mureş

Weekend Park

In high summer when the mercury tops 40°C, this complex, 2.5km north of the centre, is a welcome oasis. There's a couple of giant pools, a few kids’ pools, plus a beach volleyball area. Take Str Revoluţiei north, th…
Jewish Site in Târgu Mureş


A block west of the Ethnographic Museum is an ornate and well-preserved synagogue from 1900. Before WWII, 5500 Jews lived in Târgu Mureş; now only about 100 live here.
Museum in Târgu Mureş

City Museum

The citadel’s most appealing attraction, in the 1492 gate tower on the western wall, is a small museum, with pottery fragments and old decrees.
Museum in Târgu Mureş

Teleki Library/Bolyai Museum

The Teleki Library (under renovation at the time of writing) contains some 230,000 (and counting) rare books. The adjoining Bolyai Museum (if locked, ask the front desk to open it) is dedicated to Târgu Mureş' sons …
Cinema in Târgu Mureş

Cinema Arta

Next to McDonald’s, this cinema plays Hollywood films in their original language.
Bar in Târgu Mureş

Teresa Scara

This simple beer garden with slatted wooden tables, umbrella shades and a lively soundtrack packs in the locals come afternoon. With three tiers of seating, there's a pleasant summery vibe here.
Theatre in Târgu Mureş

National Theatre

Events at this venue (with very 1978 decor) are in Hungarian and Romanian.