Târgu Mureş attractions

Top Choice Museum in Târgu Mureş

Culture Palace

This ornate secessionist-style building, ostentatiously tiled on the outside and colourfully furnished within, is unlike anything else in Transylvania. Built 1911–13, the Culture Palace harbours busts and glass port…
Top Choice Museum in Târgu Mureş

Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic exhibitions can be humdrum, so Târgu Mureş’ hay-strewn and vividly soundtracked museum is a welcome surprise. A voiceover (in Romanian), supplemented by a multilingual booklet, guides you through a racy…
Notable Building in Târgu Mureş

County Council Building

Next door to the Culture Palace is the County Council Building (1905–7), also secessionist in style. Its decorative orange and green tiled roof and ornate 60m watchtower have made it one of Târgu Mureş' most photogr…
Historic Building in Târgu Mureş


Visitors can wander freely within the walls of Târgu Mureş' citadel, whose foundations date to 1492. It houses the Fortress Church and City Museum, and its gardens are a soothing space to stroll.
Church in Târgu Mureş

Orthodox Cathedral

The dominating Orthodox Cathedral (1925–34) was designed to impress, with Byzantine-style paintings and gold-haloed icons of saints – plus a politically charged mural of a ‘Romanian peasant’ Jesus being whipped by n…
Museum in Târgu Mureş

Teleki-Bolyai Library

Opened in 1802, this is one of the oldest libraries in Transylvania, named for its founder Count Sámuel Teleki de Szék. Technically still used as a public library, it’s now a 240,000-strong collection with treasures…
Synagogue in Târgu Mureş

Orthodox Synagogue

A block west of the Ethnographic Museum is an ornate and well-preserved synagogue from 1899–1900. Before WWII more than 6000 Jews lived in Târgu Mureş; in the early 2000s, surveys found about 200 still reside here.
Swimming Pool in Târgu Mureş

Complexul Weekend

In high summer when the mercury tops 40°C, this swimming complex, 2.5km north of the centre, is a welcome oasis. There's a couple of giant pools, a few kids pools, waterslides, plus a beach volleyball area.
Church in Târgu Mureş

Fortress Church

Enclosed by the walls of the citadel, this oft-closed late-Gothic church is the oldest one in Târgu Mureş. Construction began in the mid-14th century, though it wasn't completed for a century.
Church in Târgu Mureş

Greco-Catholic Cathedral

Also known as the ‘small cathedral’, this sanctuary at the southern tip of Piaţa Trandafirilor was built in 1934–36 in the style of a scaled-down homage to the Vatican’s St Peter’s Basilica.