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Top Choice Sculpture in Târgu Jiu

Endless Column

The Endless Column, one of Constantin Brâncuşi's best-known and most celebrated works, sits at the eastern end of Calea Eroilor (20 minutes on foot from the other pieces in the central park). The 29.35m-tall structu…
Top Choice Romanian in Târgu Jiu

Hanul Domnesc

This traditional Romanian restaurant is the ideal pick in Târgu Jiu. There's a hidden garden in the back (walk from the front door through a narrow corridor) or a comfy peasant-style dining room on the side. Choose …
Sculpture in Târgu Jiu

Alley of Chairs

Walk west along the central mall of Târgu Jiu's central park, from the Gate of the Kiss sculpture, to find the Alley of Chairs (Aleea Scaunelor), a series of dwarf-sized stone stools grouped in threes on both sides …
Sculpture in Târgu Jiu

Table of Silence

The Table of Silence, one of Constantin Brâncuşi's sculptures, stands at the western end of Târgu Jiu's central park on the banks of the Jiu River. The work is comprised of a circular stone table with 12 chairs. The…
Sculpture in Târgu Jiu

Gate of the Kiss

This evocative gate stands at the entrance to Târgu Jiu’s central park and is a logical place to begin a tour of Constantin Brâncuşi's sculptures. The small but moving Gate of the Kiss is in the shape of an arch and…
Music in Târgu Jiu

Enchanted Water Festival

Annual folk music festival usually held over the third week in February.