The four main works of sculpture are spread out along the Calea Eroilor (Avenue of Heroes) that bisects the centre of town. Three of the works are clustered in the town's central park, while a fourth work, the Endless Column, stands at the end of Calea Eroilor, about 1km to the east. Taken together, the four sculptures constitute arguably the high point of Brâncuşi’s career in the the late 1930s, showing off the artist's mastery of proportion, simplicity and symbolism.

The communist leadership, unsurprisingly, didn't get and didn't like what it considered to be Brâncuşi's decadent style, and there was even talk in the 1950s of demolishing the pieces. In the end, the sculptures survived. It was a lucky break. Today, works by Brâncuşi fetch as much as €30 million each at auction, and the statues here are under 24-hour armed guard.


Târgu Jiu itself is a relatively depressed industrial city. There are ample places to stay the night, but it's not a place where you'll want to linger.


There are a few restaurants scattered around the centre of the city and near the central park.

Drinking & Nightlife

There are plenty of informal cafes and bars in the centre, not far from the central park.