Getting There & Away

Târgu Mureş has an airport with connections to Great Britain, Spain, France and more, but most visitors arrive by train or bus. Buses are more reliable; connections run east from Cluj-Napoca (25 lei, two to 2½ hours, 13 daily) and north from Bucharest (60 lei, seven hours, two daily), with more from Braşov and Sighişoara. From Braşov, it’s easy to bus-hop east and north to Gheorgheni (30 lei, 2½ hours, three daily) via Sfântu Gheorghe, Băile Tuşnad and Miercurea Ciuc.

Getting Around

There is enough public transport to get you to large towns, and main tourist attractions like the Salt Mine, with ease. But the greatest delights of Székely Land – salty lakes, folksy village restaurants – are in the countryside, and most easily visited by car or bike.