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$480.43 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Jaques Yves Cousteau preferred Journey, Danube Delta

Day 1. Bucharest – Tulcea – MurighiolBuffet breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the Dobrogea region by car. Our first stop will be in Braila. We will visit this old city, a former Turkish citadel, to discover the old architecture influenced by Greek, Turk, Russian and Italian colonists. Later we will continue on our route toward Tulcea, but first we will stop to admire the Macin Mountains at Macin National Park, and to visit Celik-Dere – a Turkish Monastery.In the afternoon we will arrive in Tulcea (stop for 3 hours) The hilly Tulcea was influenced by Romans, Greeks, and Turks during the centuries, and its culture has a multi-ethnic flavor. Tulcea is the gateway to the Danube Delta and there are many green areas in the city.Accommodation and dinner In Murighiol –  village in the Denube Delta.Day 2. Murighiol  – Crisan – Mila 23 – SulinaBreakfast  buffet in the hotel. The second day in the wilderness of the Danube Delta is dedicated to visits to Letea Forest and to other lakes, channels and villages in the Biosphere Reserve (Sulina-Mila 23-Eracle channel – Pardina canal – Chilia Veche – Chilia Chanel(Cernovca) – Periprava Area – Sulimanca Chanel ( near Letea Forest) –  the lacs: Merhei, Babina, Matita – Mila 23.  In the first part of the day we will go to the easternmost point of Romania – Sulina city – a 1,000-year-old city. We will be traveling later on by motor boat to Letea Forest and to Letea village (optional trip) Traditional Dinner and accomodation in Sulina.Day 3. Sulina  – Sf GheorgheBreakfast  buffet in the hotel.  We will navigate along the Danube Channels and we can admire the beauty of the wild nature on Sf Gheorghe channel.We will be surrounded by water-lilies and weeping willows; we will hear noisy colonies of terns and gulls, pelicans, herons and cormorants.  We have the chance to photograph the flora and fauna from local boats built by an eco-tourism association ( the lacs Erenciuc, Puiu, Rosu, Rosulet ) Swiming and beach Sf Gheorghe village.  Traditional fish dinner and accomodation in Sf GheorgheDay 4.  Sf Gheorghe –  MurighiolBreakfast  buffet in the hotel. You can choose the optional trips ( both day – fishing day – Swimming and beach – Gura Portitei trip) or you can spend your time on the swimming pool area all day Dinner to Murighiol and folkloric traditional spectacleDay 5 –  Murighiol – Constanta – BucharestBreakfast at the hotel. Today we will visit special historical places in the Dobrogea Mountains. Before returning to Bucharest we will also visit the city of Constanta – the main city at the Black Sea. We will also pass near one of the oldest Roman ruins – Histria citadel. Later we will arrive at Constanta where we will take a short guided walk. In the afternoon we will return to Bucharest.

$510.87 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Safari Experience in the Danube Delta

Day 1 | Departure from Bucharest Your day trip will start early in the morning when our tour guide will pick you up. From Bucharest, you will be directly transferred to Tulcea, the place where the Danube River splits into three channels. Also known as Europe’s Amazon River, the Danube Delta is filled with rare species of plants and birds, and offer a rare opportunity to enjoy the unspoiled nature. At 16:00 we will leave for a traditional fishing village located in the heart of the Danube Delta, Mila 23. The village was founded by the Lipovans, a group of Russian refugees that blend in perfectly with the surrounding scenery. Certain areas of the Delta can only be explored via rowing boats or kayaks, and the narrow channels surrounded by tall trees and lush vegetation stand as a barrier between civilization and unspoiled nature. Day 2 | Danube Delta – Sulina After breakfast, we will leave for one of the oldest human settlements in Romania by following the Sulina Branch. The port of Sulina was mentioned for the first time more than 1,000 years ago under the name of Selina, and it the most eastern point in Romania. Here, we will the most important landmarks, such as the old churches, the 55 feet tall lighthouse located in the middle of the town, the museum inside the lighthouse, and the St. Alexander and St. Nicholas Cathedral. In Sulina, we will enjoy a warm delicious lunch at a local guesthouse on the shore, and then we will take a bus trip to the nearby beach. Here, you will have 3 to 4 hours at your disposal, and you can swim in the sea, relax on the shore, or take a stroll along the beach. Upon request, you can take a relaxing walk through the beautiful Sulina cemetery, and then reunite with the rest of the group on the beach. Day 3 | Day trip to the Letea Village and Forest After a delicious breakfast, we will take a boat to the Letea, a beautiful village filled with numerous traditional houses built with wood and clay, with thatched roofs and painted in lively shades of blue and green. After touring the village, we will take a car ride to the nearby forest, the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe. Here, you will see the world’s only oak forest on salty sand, lianas, and a subtropical flora that cannot be found elsewhere in Romania, as well as the famous wild horses of the Danube Delta. Upon returning from the forest we will take a short walking tour through the village to see and photograph the traditional houses. Lunch will be served back at the guest house, and after a few hours, we will go see the sunset. The rest of the day is at your disposal. Day 4 | Departure After breakfast, you will be transferred to Tulcea by boat, and then we will take a car back to Bucharest.

$393.89 Outdoor Activities

2 Days tour in Danube Delta

07:30 a.m. – Pick-up by car / minibus from your hotel.10:30 – Arrival in Tulcea, “ the gate to the Danube Delta”.Stop for a visit of the Danube Delta Eco-Tourist Museum Complex in Tulcea, including a permanent exhibition offering one the opportunity to see birds declared as nature monuments, species of rare animals protected at the national and European levels and a public Aquarium showing  a collection of several indigenous species of fish from the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, reef species of fish, marine species of invertebrates and also some coral species from Indonesia.13:00– Boarding on the speed boat for the transfer  from Tulcea to Sulina, our destination point.We will finally arrive in Sulina – a very special place, full of legends buried in its mysterious cemetery where princes, princesses, pirates and people of different religions sleep forever.Once arrived here, accommodation will be assured on the floating hotel St. Constantin/ 3* guesthouse in Sulina.Optionals: traditional dinner served on the floating hotel;participation to different activities: karaoke contest, society games and others  Day 2 07:30 a.m. – Breakfast on the floating hotel.08:30 a.m. – After having breakfast, we will have the pleasure to enjoy a trip to Letea Forest, the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe, where strips of desert vegetation specific to these areas alternate with stripes of ancient oak forest and meadow with specific vegetation of subtropical forest.Besides the typical vegetation of this area, we will also have the chance to see  free herds of wild horses grazing on the meadows, special attraction of this natural reserve as well.Visit to the forest will be assured with a special vehicles that will drive us into the forest passing through the picturesque village of Letea with its traditional houses built in the local architectural style, clay, wood and reeds, painted and decorated in the style Lipovan and Haholi.  The vehicles will not be able to enter in sensitive areas, but we will leave them in a specific point where we can get on foot quite easy to sand dunes and elder oaks.12:00 – Stop for lunch in one traditional restaurant in Letea village (optional).16:00 - Return to Sulina. Boarding on the speed boat for our drive back to Tulcea.18:00 – Once arrived in Tulcea, our car / minibus will wait for us in order  to drive you back to Bucharest.22:00 - Drop-off to your hotel in Bucharest.

$1133.93 Private & Custom Tours

Discover Danube Delta from Bucharest - Private Tour for 5 Days

Day 1 Meet you at Bucharest International Airport and transfer to your hotel in downtown. After you accommodate, we'll start to explore Bucharest. We'll discover The Old City, Stavropoleos Church, Village Museum, Palace of the Parliament, the second biggest building in the world after Pentagon and other sights. OVERNIGHT IN BUCHARESTDay 2 In the morning, we will pick you up from your Hotel in Bucharest and start driving to Tulcea City. After 3 hours and 30 minutes, we will have a Boat Transfer to one of the villages in the Danube Delta, this will be our base for 3 nights. After we settle into our accommodation, you will enjoy a traditional lunch in the house of one of the local residents.  Here you will experience great food that comes from their garden and fresh fish from Danube River. After lunch, you will return to our accommodations to rest.  Later in the afternoon we will be ready for your first Boat Ride. We will then adventure out into the delta to admire the tranquility of nature in the evening and be amazed by a fabulous sunset.  Return to the accommodation. OVERNIGHT IN DANUBE DELTA (traditional lunch included)Day 3 After breakfast, we are ready for your second Boat Ride to explore more of the fantastic Danube Delta. This trip will be longer, around 6 hours, but will give you the opportunity to understand better this amazing place, which is unique in Europe. After enjoying the wonders of the Delta, you will return to the village and enjoy another delicious meal. The rest of the day will be for relaxing. OVERNIGHT IN DANUBE DELTA (breakfast and traditional lunch included)Day4After 2 days of exploring the lakes and channels, it is time to discover the Letea Subtropical Forest, this is the oldest natural reservation in Romania, and has a very rich fauna that is home to hundreds of species of plants, trees, and flowers.  We will then enjoy a traditional meal in the village and visit Sulina Old City.  This is where you can see the Danube River flows into the Black Sea.  Here we will enjoy a visit in the village of Sulina and then you will get to spend some time relaxing on the Beach at the Black Sea. In the evening, we will return to your accommodation. OVERNIGHT IN DANUBE DELTA (breakfast and traditional lunch included)Day 5 After breakfast, we will depart to Tulcea and from Tulcea to Bucharest, where you will arrive at 2PM. Free time.  OVERNIGHT IN BUCHAREST and END OF OUR SERVICES

$471.48 Outdoor Activities

Discover Sulina, Danube Delta

The Sulina Fabuloasa large pack: 7 days and 6 nightsLevel: active peopleTarget: families or any groups of active people interested in adventures, wild life, photographyLocation: Sulina/around SulinaAccommodation will be in a caravan with a big shady wood terraces, two double bads and a big yard.DAY 1. You’ll probably arrive in the afternoon. We will get to know each other while making a fish soup. We can go swimming and we’ll decide the details for the next day.DAY 2. Kayaking trip in the wilderness – wild beaches.DAY 3. Cultural tour at the museum of the lighthouse, the “Sulina workman” exhibition, the CED cemetery, the beach.DAY 4. Letea forest tour. By bike or motorboat. The motorboat means extra cost.DAY 5. Fishing, we are ending the day with a fish soup made of the fish we caught.DAY 6. Sunrise at the Musura Bay, kayaking trip. If it’s too early we can start the trip at 7-8 am, but we won’t catch the sunrise.DAY 7. Depending on the time you leave, trip on the Busurca channel or on the beach, or a bike trip.USEFUL TIPS:There are pretty well stocked shops in Sulina for basic food, water, and fruits.You must have the following accessories for trips: sun hats, sunscreen, spray for bugs, flip flops, slight raincoat. optional: camera and waterproof bag.

$417.77 Day Trips & Excursions

Danube Delta PRIVATE boat trip to Mila23 Village (guided tour)

The boat is not covered, has no roof, no tarp or other inventions that obstruct you to see the fabulous nature around you and passing birds in flight. As we wrote in the title, it is a trip, not a transport. We do not have (and do not want) boats draped with plastic sheets, covered, closed.Yes, on our boats the sun will be directly above you but you’ll see everything around, even the birds on the sky. The tripBasically, it’s a day trip you can see a good part of the Danube Delta,you can feel the pulse of this area, far away from the world, eat a traditional fishemen lunch, to see a piece of nature unique in the world, a forest also unique in the world, the only city in the Delta and take a swimm into the Black Sea. We cover virtually all the landmarks of the Danube Delta, for a full day!The trip is also a very good option to arrive in Sulina in civilized conditions, without being crammed into overcrowded speed boats (with uncertain schedule).Our average speed of travel is medium, we are specialized in trips to Discover Danube Delta and not the speed transport. Our boats drive at an average speed of about 20 km/h and will stop at all the points of interest for enjoying the wonderful landscapes, for a few photos with Danube Delta flora and fauna.Departure is from our pier at Port Aval - Tulcea. The trip last from 7 to 8 hours.This trip is done on the Tourist route No 1. Departure is from Tulcea, you'll discover the area downstream on Tulcea Branch, to the junction with the Canal 36 (in about 10 minutes you are already in the Danube Delta), go downstream on Channel 36 and then turn right on Garla Sireasa, a deltaic areas rich in fauna (water birds and animals). Continue the trip on Garla Sontea among floods full of birds and vegetation. Here you have the opportunity to see white and yellow water lilies, swans, coot, ducks, geese, spoonbills, godwits, ibises and even pelicans.Then cross the lake Fortuna (Furtuna) one of the large lakes of the Danube Delta, a lake very beautiful and rich in wildlife. If are windy days and high waves or the water level is too low, the lake will be avoided. The guide will decides whether or not crossing the lake.Follow Olguta channel and get to Mila 23, right in the middle of the Danube Delta. The length of this route is about 3 hours. At Mila 23 you can visit the village and talk with the locals, eat a traditional fish lunch (optional) in a very nice household or local pension. After lunch you go on the way back, much the same route as coming but I assure you, in opposite direction everything looks completely different, you will not recognize the places we passed. Length all the way back is about 2-2,5 hours.