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Top Choice Castle in Southwest Transylvania

Corvin Castle

Some castles perch on mountains, others skulk in mist-shrouded hills, but Hunedoara’s juts out from an industrial jungle. Despite being surrounded by steel mills, Corvin Castle is Transylvania's most spellbinding fo…
Top Choice Castle in Alba Iulia

Alba Carolina Citadel

Alba Carolina Citadel is the crowning attraction of Alba Iulia. Within this star-shaped citadel are museums, churches and the Unification Hall that sealed the union of Transylvania with Romania in 1918. Originally c…
Top Choice Romanian in Alba Iulia

Pub 13

If you want to face down a suit of armour while gnawing on steak, or swirl a fork through cheesy polenta beneath coats of arms slung across brick-lined walls, this medieval restaurant will delight. This is no cheap …
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Retezat Mountains

Sarmizegetusa Regia

The Sarmizegetusa Regia archaeological site is Romania’s Stonehenge. Only stones remain, enclosed by pretty woodlands, but they reveal compelling clues about the region’s pre-Roman Dacian civilisation. The site grew…
Cathedral in Alba Iulia

St Michael's Cathedral

Completed in 1291, this is Romania's most venerable Roman Catholic cathedral as well as the country's longest, at slightly over 89m. Royal tombs, including Queen Isabella and her son (the first prince of Transylvani…
Fortress in Deva

Deva Citadel

Deva's crumbling citadel looms from a rocky hilltop 300m above town. A steep climb leads up behind Parcul Cetăţii at the west end of B-dul 1 Decembrie 1918. Alternatively, take the funicular (hang on tight). At the …
National Park in Retezat Mountains

Retezat National Park

Established in 1935 as Romania's first national park, Retezat's snow-streaked mountains and wildflower meadows extend across 380 sq km. One-third of Romania's wildlife finds a home here, including wolves, bears and …
Cathedral in Alba Iulia

Coronation Cathedral

Enter this incense-perfumed Orthodox cathedral, built in 1921–22, and gaze upwards at the soaring ceiling, gold decorations and lavish icons. The cathedral is designed in the shape of a Greek circumscribed cross. A …
European in Alba Iulia


Though it takes inspiration from French brasserie chic, Gavroche's satisfying menu spans burgers, curry and deep-fried cheese, alongside well-executed pasta dishes. Gourmet options include duck in sour-cherry sauce …
Live Performance in Alba Iulia

Changing of the Guard

It's worth timing a stroll inside the citadel for the daily changing of the guard ceremony, in which uniformed guards trot on horseback between the old gates, while solemn drumrolls and brass boom out.