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Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Sighişoara

House On The Rock

In an old catacomb below Café International this may be the best place in Transylvania to buy a culturally meaningful souvenir. The work of six artists ranging from intricately carved wooden spoons to painted-glass …
Top Choice International in Sighişoara

Central Park

Even if you're not staying at the Central Park hotel, plan a meal here. Sighişoara is short on good restaurants and this is the best around. The food is a mix of Romanian and international dishes, and the carefully …
Restaurant in Sighişoara

Cositorarului Casa

Refresh yourself with beautiful views of the old town and homemade lemonade. It also rustles up toasted sandwiches and breakfast. Inside is cosy, outside there's a small terrace.
Pizza in Sighişoara

Jo Pizzerie

This lively pizzeria has a large terrace with views of the street below and over 20 different kinds of pizza.
Historic Building in Sighişoara

Casa Dracula

Vlad Ţepeş (aka Dracula) was reputedly born in this house in 1431 and lived here until the age of four. It's now a decent restaurant, but for a small admission, the staff will show you Vlad's old room (and give you …
Church in Sighişoara

Church of the Dominican Monastery

This 15th-century Gothic church, which was closed for renovation at research time, became the Saxons’ main Lutheran church in 1556. Classical, folk and baroque concerts have been held here in the past. Hidden away b…
Church in Sighişoara

Church on the Hill

Powerfully evocative late-Gothic church is situated high atop 'School Hill' (420m) and is well worth the hike up here to see the restored interior, with remains of frescoes dating back to the 15th century. The peri…
Tower in Sighişoara

Goldsmiths' Tower

Around the citadel walls are the remnants of 14 towers erected by the guilds in the 14th to 16th centuries to protect the town from Turkish raids. The Goldsmiths’ Tower defended the southwestern corner, one of the m…
Museum in Sighişoara

Clock Tower

The symbol of the town is this magnificent medieval clock tower, built in the 14th century and expanded 200 years later. It originally housed the town council, but these days it's purely decorative. The clock and fi…
Church in Sighişoara

Roman Catholic Church

St Joseph Roman Catholic Church was built in 1894, after the demolition of the Franciscan convent. It is situated in the northeast of Sighişoara citadel, near the enclosure wall.