Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Sighişoara

Arts & Crafts

Inside Casa Vlad Dracul, this wondrous handicraft shop is the brainchild of self-styled 'Spoonman' Mark Tudose, who employs traditional woodcarving methods to fashion Transylvanian spoons (each with a local legend b…
Arts & Crafts in Bucharest

Museum of the Romanian Peasant Gift Shop

For beautifully woven rugs, table runners, national Romanian costumes, ceramics and other local crafts, don’t miss the excellent folk-art shop at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant; access to the shop is from the ba…
Books in Bucharest

Cărturești & Friends

This delightful cafe-cum-art-gallery hosts the microgallery of Studio Receptor, showcasing original Romanian illustrations, and the Cărturești bookstore. It's on the small side, but is a beautiful space for book and…
Wine in Bucharest


Beautiful, well-stocked wine shop with a comprehensive selection of Romanian and foreign wines, plus knowledgable salespeople to help you sort it out. In addition to selling wine by the bottle, they also dispense wi…
Books in Bucharest

Cărtureşti Verona

This bookshop, music store, tearoom and funky backyard garden is a must-visit. Amazing collection of design, art and architecture books, as well as carefully selected CDs and DVDs, including many classic Romanian fi…
Books in Bucharest

Cărtureşti Carusel

This impressive branch of the Cărtureşti chain of books and gifts is located in an opulent, restored early-20th-century shopping emporium in the Historic Centre. Books are on several levels and there's a decent sele…
Antiques in Iaşi

Anticariat Grumazescu

This long-standing local antiques shop sells everything from folk heirlooms and jewellery to rare, expensive icons. It can provide authorised sale certificates for anything that might excite border-point customs age…
Mall in Bucharest

AFI Palace Cotroceni

The city's biggest and nicest mall, with lots of top-end shops and brands, plus an indoor skating rink, children's playground and IMAX cinema.
Shopping Centre in Iaşi

Palas Mall

If Moldavia is truly impoverished, you'd never know it from this sleek hybrid of airport duty-free shops and American-style megamall.
Ceramics in Bucovina Monasteries

AF Magopat Gheorghe

Family-run shop selling distinctive local black-glazed pottery. Browse the collection or get a glimpse of the potters at work.