Săpânţa attractions

Top Choice Cemetery in Săpânţa

Merry Cemetery

Săpânţa village boasts the unique 'Merry Cemetery', famous for the colourfully painted wooden crosses that adorn the tombstones in the village's graveyard. Shown in art exhibitions across Europe, the crosses attract…
Monastery in Săpânţa

Săpânţa-Peri Monastery

This Orthodox monastery complex boasts a wooden church built with a nontraditional stone base. At 75m in height, it lays claim to be the tallest wooden structure in Romania. The main part of the church is a work in …
Museum in Săpânţa

Ioan Stan Pătraş Memorial House

This museum, contained in the one-time house of Ioan Stan Pătraş, examines the life and work of the force behind the Merry Cemetery. It's about 400m down the road to the right of the cemetery's main entrance.