Getting There & Away

The train station and bus/maxitaxi stop are right on the main street, B-dul Mihail Săulescu, which goes north to Braşov and south to Sinaia and Bucharest. The lifts are a 10-minute walk southeast.

Predeal is on the main Cluj-Napoca–Braşov–Bucharest line and you’ll never wait long for a train heading to Braşov (13 lei, 40 minutes, 20 daily) or Bucharest (18 to 40 lei, two to three hours, 19 daily). Outside, buses or maxitaxis show up almost half-hourly in the train-station parking lot heading for Braşov (6 to 8 lei, 30 to 50 minutes) or Sinaia (6 to 8 lei, 40 minutes). Less frequent buses reach Bucharest (38 lei, three hours, four daily).