Getting There & Away

From the bus station, a 400m walk southwest of the train station, there are buses to Sovata (12 lei, 1¼ hours, six daily), Miercurea Ciuc (12 lei, one hour, three to five daily) and Târgu Mureş (22 lei, two to 3½ hours, 10 daily). For Sibiu or Cluj-Napoca, travel via Târgu Mureş.

Hungary-bound buses are run by Csavargó and Scorpion Trans; both have ticket windows at the bus station. Services reach Budapest (120 to 130 lei, 11 hours, one daily) and Pécs (160 lei, 15½ hours, one daily).

Trains clank out towards Sighişoara (7 lei, 1½ hours, three daily).