Worth a Trip: Corund

Driving through the little town of Corund, you can’t fail to notice craft and souvenir stalls stacked along the main road. One local handicraft is especially worth opening your wallet for: Corund ceramics. Romanians have been shaping pottery for millennia, but Corund’s signature blue and white ceramics, produced in earnest from the 17th century, are renowned. The swirling designs on Corund ceramics incorporate flowers and wild animals, and local women boast that cornmeal tastes better served on these pretty dishes. Stalls across Corund peddle their wares during daylight hours year-round (though stalls thin out during winter). Corund is an enjoyable place to stop if you’re travelling by bus or car between Odorheiu Secuiesc and Sovata or Salina Praid (it’s 25km north of Odorheiu Secuiesc along route 13A).