Top things to do in Mara Valley

Top Choice Cemetery in Săpânţa

Merry Cemetery

Săpânţa village boasts the unique 'Merry Cemetery', famous for the colourfully painted wooden crosses that adorn the tombstones in the village's graveyard. Shown in art exhibitions across Europe, the crosses attract…
Seafood in Mara Valley

Păstrăvăria Alex Happy Fish

This local institution just off Hwy 18 in the picturesque village of Mara serves fresher-than-fresh trout pulled straight out of the lake. It's spread over a large, leafy and hilly tract of land, with ponds, waterfa…
Church in Mara Valley

Călineşti Susani Church

Built in 1683, this church is one of two in Călineşti and is more spectacular than the Josani one. It's on the right side of the road at the end of the village if coming from the north.
Church in Mara Valley

Budeşti Josani Church

Budeşti Josani church (1643) has four small turrets surrounding a bell tower. An 18th-century painting of the Last Judgment is among the church’s wooden and glass icons.
Church in Mara Valley

Deseşti Church

This Orthodox church, built in 1770, contains interior paintings (1780) by Radu Munteanu that feature a harrowing glimpse of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Monastery in Săpânţa

Săpânţa-Peri Monastery

This Orthodox monastery complex boasts a wooden church built with a nontraditional stone base. At 75m in height, it lays claim to be the tallest wooden structure in Romania. The main part of the church is a work in …
Museum in Săpânţa

Ioan Stan Pătraş Memorial House

This museum, contained in the one-time house of Ioan Stan Pătraş, examines the life and work of the force behind the Merry Cemetery. It's about 400m down the road to the right of the cemetery's main entrance.
Church in Mara Valley

Corneşti Church

Corneşti has a small 18th-century church with interior paintings by Hodor Toador. About 250m west of the main road and over a very shaky bridge, the church is the oldest one in Maramureş that hasn't been moved.
Church in Mara Valley

Sat-Şugatag Church

This wooden church is famed for its fine, ornately carved wooden gate and 18th-century interior paintings, though they are not very well conserved. The church dates from 1642.
Church in Mara Valley

Mănăstirea Church

This tiny wooden church was built by monks in 1633. If the church is closed, look through the window to see the original monks' cells on the northern side of the church.