Museum in Iaşi

Palace of Culture

The grandiose neo-Gothic Palace of Culture was built between 1906 and 1925 over Prince Alexandru cel Bun's ruined 15th-century princely court. At the time of research, renovations were expected to conclude by 2014. …
Gardens in Iaşi

Botanical Gardens

Iaşi's Botanical Gardens are Romania’s first (1856) and largest (100 hectares). They sprawl across Parcul Exposiţiei's western side, and offer 21km of shady lanes, 800 rose varieties and orchid gardens, plus greenh…
Park in Iaşi

Copou Park

Designed between 1834 and 1848 under Prince Mihail Sturza, this 10-hectare park is allegedly where poet Mihai Eminescu (1850–89) wrote beneath a linden tree. The tree still stands behind the 13m-high Obelisk of Lion…
Museum in Iaşi

Mihai Eminescu Museum of Literature

This museum documents the writings, life and loves of Eminescu (1850–89), Romania’s favourite writer and poet. The great love of the married poet, Veronica Micle, was married also. They each outlived their spouses b…
Church in Iaşi

Moldavian Metropolitan Cathedral

This cavernous cathedral, built between 1833 and 1839, was designed by architect Alexandru Orascu and decorated by painter Gheorghe Tattarescu. Since 1889, when the cathedral claimed the relics of Moldavia's patron …
Monastery in Iaşi

St Spiridon's Monastery

One block northeast of the square, this monastery contains the headless body of Grigore Ghica III, killed in 1777 for opposing the Turks. The present structure dates from 1807, after an 1802 earthquake damaged every…
Church in Iaşi

Church of the Three Hierarchs

Built by Prince Vasile Lupu between 1637 and 1639, and restored between 1882 and 1904, this is one of Iaşi's most beautiful churches. Its exterior stone pattern-work is exquisite and reveals Turkish, Georgian and Ar…
Museum in Iaşi

Museum of Old Moldavian Literature

This literary museum stands inside the 17th-century Dosoftei House. Dosoftei was Moldavia's metropolitan ruler between 1670 and 1686, and printed the first Romanian-language church liturgy in 1679.
Monastery in Iaşi

Golia Monastery

This fortified late Renaissance-style monastery is guarded by thick walls and the 30m-high Golia tower. The 17th-century church is notable for its vibrant Byzantine frescoes and intricately carved doorways, and feat…
Monastery in Iaşi

St Sava’s Monastery

At Str Armeană's southern end, this 16th-century church was built on earlier foundations – records attest a wooden church consecrated here by a Byzantine bishop in 1330. Over ensuing centuries, it was refurbished by…