Top things to do in Gheorgheni

Top Choice Hungarian in Gheorgheni

Basa Fogadó

Driving the Gheorgheni–Sovata road, it's impossible to miss this folksy inn, marked with a giant roadside knife and fork. Fifteen kilometres west of Gheorgheni, this country dining room with knee-slapping hospitalit…
Hungarian in Gheorgheni

Erdélyi Gondűző

En route to Lacu Roşu, tuck into juicy roasted sausage, grilled trout, fried cheese – or heck, maybe all three – at this inviting restaurant and pension. It's 7km east of Gheorgheni.
Castle in Gheorgheni

Lăzarea Castle

Just 6km northwest of Gheorgheni on the road to Topliţa is the tiny village of Lăzarea (Gyergyószárhegy in Hungarian). The predominantly Hungarian village is dominated by its 16th-century castle, whose walls are cro…
Museum in Gheorgheni

Tarisznyás Márton Museum

Some 400m east of Piaţa Libertăţii, the county museum is housed in an 18th-century baroque-style building, one of the oldest in town. The collection of Székely, Armenian and Romanian folk costumes is colourful to br…