Slicing through the forbidding Făgăraş Mountains, the Transfăgărăşan Rd offers some of Transylvania's most memorable views. You're sure to have an iron grip on the steering wheel as you navigate its sharp bends. Road access is seasonal, usually between June and early October, but check weather conditions locally.

Access points from the north – Făgăraş and Victoria – are situated outside the mountains and lack any sort of mountain-air quaintness. Still, the monumental citadel in Făgăraş town and Șinca Veche's mysterious cave shrine warrant driving beyond the Transfăgărăşan Rd. And Făgăraş town has more services than any access point north of the mountain range, with dead-centre Piaţa Republicii, near the fortress, home to handy ATMs, shops and taxis.