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Drobeta-Turnu Severin, as with many Romanian towns and cities, has more than one bus and minibus station. Many long-haul buses and minibuses merely service designated stops along the E70. Check details by enquiring at your hotel or consulting the website Buses and minibuses service the entire region, with frequent departures for Orşova (3 lei, 30 minutes) and Timişoara (40 lei, four hours), among other cities.


The train station is located along the Danube River on the extreme western edge of the port, about 2km from the centre of town. On arrival at the station, hike up the steps and turn right (east) on B-dul Carol I to reach the centre or take a taxi (around 8 lei). The city has good train connections to both Bucharest (about 70 lei, five hours, five daily) and Timişoara (60 lei, four hours, four daily). Bucharest-bound trains stop in Craiova (35 lei, two to three hours). There are one or two daily trains to Orşova (5 lei, 25 minutes).