The centre of town is defined by the central park, at the corner of B-dul Carol I and Str Bibicescu. There's a giant, colourful water fountain here that has nightly shows in summer starting around 9pm.

Technology geeks will want to head out of town a short way to take a tour of the Porţile de Fier Hydroelectric Power Plant. This controversial project was a Romanian–Yugoslav joint venture, conceived in 1960 and completed 12 years later. There’s a small museum that takes you inside and provides a good idea of the scale of the plant. Guided tours (in Romanian only) go down five levels to the turbines. The museum is located on Hwy E70, 10km west of Drobeta-Turnu Severin.


There are a number of roadside pensiunes, motels and restaurants on the main E70 highway, signposted as Str Tudor Vladimirescu, about 2km north of the town centre.


Along with restaurants on the E70, there's a lively market just east of the town centre where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, breads and cheeses.

Drinking & Nightlife

On summer evenings most people cluster around the pretty central park at the corner of B-dul Carol I and Str Bibicescu, across from the Hotel Continental.