Romanian in Tulcea

Restaurant Select

Though it’s a couple of blocks away from the port and lacks any buzz to speak of, this is still the best restaurant in town. The multilingual, varied menu offers fresh fish, pizza and the local speciality, tochitura…
Pizza in Tulcea

Trident Pizzeria

Excellent spot for good thin-crust pizza and fast pasta.
Romanian in Tulcea

Restaurant Central

Low-key terrace restaurant a couple of blocks away from the port draws a mostly local crowd for beers, well-done pork dishes and fresh fish.
Supermarket in Sfântu Gheorghe


This small but convenient minimarket is a good place to stock up on water, food and beer for the beach. Located in the centre of the village.
Romanian in Sulina

Restaurant Marea Neagră

This large and popular open-air terrace offers more than a dozen fish specialities, including sturgeon.