Top Choice Museum in Timişoara

Permanent Exhibition of the 1989 Revolution

This work in progress is an ideal venue to brush up on the December 1989 anticommunist revolution that began in Timişoara. Displays include documentation, posters and photography from those fateful days, capped by a…
Museum in Timişoara

Art Museum

The museum displays a representative sample of paintings and visual arts over the centuries as well as regular, high-quality temporary exhibitions. It's housed in the baroque Old Prefecture Palace, built in 1754, wh…
Museum in Timişoara

Banat History Museum

Housed in the historic Huniades Palace, the museum was closed at the time of research for renovations expected to last until 2016. The exterior of the palace, though, is still worth a look. The origins of the buildi…
Museum in Timişoara

Banat Village Museum

The open-air display was created in 1917 and exhibits more than 30 traditional peasant houses dating from the 19th century. Take tram 1 (black number) from the northern train station.
Jewish Site in Timişoara

Great Synagogue

Built in 1865, the synagogue acts as an important keynote in Jewish history – Jews in the Austro-Hungarian Empire were emancipated in 1864, when permission was given to build the synagogue. It was closed at the time…
Church in Timişoara

Roman Catholic Cathedral

The city's fine baroque cathedral was built in the mid-18th century, after the Austro-Hungarian Empire had finally secured the area from Turkish influence. The main altar painting was carried out by Michael Angelo U…
Church in Timişoara

Serbian Orthodox Church

Fronting Piaţa Unirii, the Serbian Orthodox Church was built at approximately the same time as its Catholic counterpart across the square. Local Banat artist Constantin Daniel painted the interior.
Church in Timişoara

Tőkés Reformed Church

The 1989 revolution began at the Tőkés Reformed Church, where Father Lászlo Tőkés spoke out against Ceauşescu. You can sometimes peek in at the church, but the small apartment is private property.
Square in Timişoara

Trinity Column

The Trinity Column, in the square's centre, was erected by the people of Timişoara at the end of the 18th century in thanks to God for allowing them to survive the plague that hit the town between 1738 and 173…
Church in Timişoara

Metropolitan Cathedral

The Orthodox cathedral was built between 1936 and 1946. It's unique for its Byzantine-influenced architecture, which recalls the style of the Bucovina monasteries.