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Western Romania, with its geographic and cultural ties to neighbouring Hungary and Serbia and its historical links to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, enjoys an ethnic diversity that much of the rest of the country lacks. Timişoara, the regional hub, has a nationwide reputation as a beautiful and lively metropolis, and for a series of 'firsts'. It was the world's first city to adopt electric street lights (in 1884) and,... Read More

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$37.67 Walking & Biking Tours

Small-Group Timișoara Cycling Tour

Choose a tour time from 5:30pm on weekdays or from 9:30am on weekends, then meet your guide near the Decebal Bridge in central Timișoara.During your cycling tour, spin through the neighborhoods of Elisabetstadt, Fabrikstadt, and Josephstadt, and listen as your guide sheds light on centuries of Romanian history.Explore Victory Square and the fortress wall in the Old Town, and soak up the relaxing atmosphere in the city’s pretty parks. When your guided bike ride comes to an end, cycle back to your starting point to conclude your tour.

$182.99 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Apuseni Natural Park Private Tour from Timisoara

Type of activity: trekking, scrambling, cavesLevel of difficulty: mediumDay 1: We are heading to Glavoi Meadow, the heart of Apuseni Natural Park, where we are going to embark on a journey in one of the most beautiful places in Apuseni, a karst plateau called Lumea Pierduta(The Lost World).We’ll find ourselves on top of the most impressive vertical caves in the area: Avenul Gemanata, Avenul Pionierilor, Avenul Acoperit.Overnight night stay in a 3* star guesthouseDay 2: Today you’re in for an 8 hour adventure called Galbenei Gorges Circuit. Why adventure, you ask? Well, because you will visit the Ice Cave called Focul Viu (The Living Fire) – you will see why it is called like that, then cross the wild and spectacular Galbena Gorges. The crossing through the Gorges is done on cables…which will make this even more adventurous! At the end of the gorges you’ll have a beautiful surprise.It ain’t over until it’s over, so we’ve saved the best for last: the vertical Bortig Ice Cave, 54 m deep and 34 m wide! Just imagine how it’s like to stand near it and look down…Overnight night stay in a 3* star guesthouseDay 3: La piece de resistance for today is the famous Cetatile Ponorului Circuit (Fortresses of Ponor). First, we’ll pay a visit to the place called Balcoane (The Balconies), amazing viewpoints from where you see the impressive walls that guard the entrance of Cetatile Ponorului Cave.We’re in for a steep descent on slippery rock, but it will all be worth it because soon we will find ourselves near the entrance of the cave. After that, we’ll cross the cave for almost an hour, making our way through big boulders and water. The cave is crossed by a river, which makes it flow over huge boulders, offering an interesting view. Not to mention the small waterfalls formed inside the cave… a real natural show with natural spot lights.Just when you thought it was over…think again. The exit of the cave is followed by a short climb on cables and soon we’ll be facing the impressive portal of the cave which is 74 m high. This makes it the biggest portal in Romania! That’s the way to end a day!Return to Timisoara.IMPORTANT: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

$166.84 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park Private Tour from Timisoara

Type of activity: Trekking, mountain hamlets and visits at cultural objectivesLevel of difficulty: mediumDay 1: Heading to the amazing Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park. You begin our trip back in time. After only 2 hours from the civilization you will find hamlets that are isolated, without electric power, no roads, the only points of access are 4 stairways, vertically attached on the rock. This is how the people from the area actually live: isolated. You will be impressed by their stories from the everyday life and find out what they do on a daily basis, and how they manage in such a remote area especially when they need an ambulance…Overnight stay at a locals house, on top of the mountain, to live their real experience.Day 2: You leave your hosts and move forward to the next hamlets of these mountains. You are going to see amazing landscapes, animals, other houses and beautiful locals.Overnight stay in a 2* star guesthouseDay 3: Your plan today is to enter the magic world of Tasna Gorges. They are wild, untamed, imposing, and have this interesting suspended trail, just perfect for walking. This is the place where the notorious black pine from Banat grows. The trees look like huge bonsai attached to the rock. Before you go home, you have time to stop a little bit in the famous Herculane resort, once known as "The pearl of Europe’’ and of the Austrian – Hungarian Empire.Although overlooked in the recent years, the landscapes around the city are amazing, and the place is known for its thermal water.You will take a tour of the old town and visit the beautiful buildings that tell stories of kings and queens, who used to bathe in the thermal waters, many …many…years ago, and get the opportunity to try the water yourself! IMPORTANT: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

$18.30 Walking & Biking Tours

2-Hour Small-Group Walking Tour of Timisoara

This 2-hour walking tour of Timisoara starts with the downtown quarter “Cetate”, the former “Inner City”, presenting the essential image of Timisoara: many old buildings in the styles of Art Nouveau or Baroque, large pedestrianized squares touched by European history, the multicultural character of the city and of the Banat region. Begin with the visit of Victory Square, known also as Opera Square, the visit of the impressive Orthodox Cathedral, the Opera and Theatre House. Next is Liberty Square, which is hosting the Old City Hall with the Turkish inscription and shows again the mixture of cultures, religions and civilization. Union Square is dominated by the Catholic dome-church, the Serbian-orthodox Cathedral and by the President`s Palace – the Arts Museum. Be delighted by a walk through the ruins of the old fortress, constructed in the well known Vauban Style. Highlights of this walking tour are Victory Square, the Opera building, the Orthodox Cathedral, the Bastion, the Liberty Square, the Old City Hall, The Synagogue, the Union Square, the Catholic Cathedral, the Serbian-orthodox Church, the President`s Palace, statue of the Holly Trinity, the Bastion and more.

$83.96 Day Trips & Excursions

Small-Group Day Tour from Timisoara to Arad

On your way towards Arad you will be able to admire the Roman Catholic Church and the Square from Vinga village. After that you will be driven to Arad, capital city of Arad County in the Banat region of Western Romania. Arad is a city of impressive buildings and architecture with many of the main sights located along the principal thoroughfare, the broad, tree-lined, Bulevardul Revolutiei with trams running along it. Main sights in Arad include the impressive white City Hall Palace (1875), the Palace of Culture (1911-1916), the neo-gothic and secessionist-style Red Church (1906), the large, domed Roman Catholic Church (1902-1904) and the neo-classical State Theatre (1874). You next stop will be at Maria Radna Monastery, which is a catholic church opened for pilgrimage and after that you will be driven to Soimos to admire the beauty of Soimos Fortress. After a short stop in Charlottenburg (the only circular village in Romania) you will be able to take a break in Altringen where you can have a meal or you can just enjoy a coffee and some cookies (at own expense).