Top things to do in Craiova

Top Choice Museum in Craiova

Art Museum

The art museum is the only real must-see in Craiova, both for the art itself, including a small but important collection of six works by internationally renowned sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi, and also for the buildi…
Top Choice Steak in Craiova


This luxury steakhouse is a must for lovers of high-quality imported beef. The menu is almost exclusively grilled steaks and chops, with the speciality being cuts from Argentina and the US, served on hot plates that…
Bar in Craiova


The shady garden out front and the rooftop terrace are both big draws at this popular cafe and cocktail bar. Fresh lemonades, good coffees and a long list of mixed drinks lure university students in droves. There's …
Museum in Craiova

Ethnographic Museum

This is a highly informative, well-organised exhibition of folk traditions in the Oltenia region surrounding Craiova. The exhibition begins downstairs with bread-making and progresses through pottery, tanning, cloth…
International in Craiova

Sofia Bistro

This beloved bistro has two personalities: the interior dining room is quiet and refined, while the terrace outside pulsates with loud music. The same kitchen serves a mix of very well done Romanian specialities and…
Pub in Craiova

Temple Bar

A local version of an Irish pub situated 2km north of the centre (take a taxi as it's hard to find). While there's not much true Irish food on the menu, it's nevertheless one of the most popular and enjoyable spots …
Romanian in Craiova


Very popular open-air restaurant, located in the centre, specialising in traditional Romanian cooking as well as various chicken and pork grills. The grilled meatballs – mititei – are a house speciality and are cook…
Arts & Crafts in Craiova

Folk Arts Shop

This small shop inside the Natural Science Museum sells traditional textiles, ceramics and clothing.
Museum in Craiova

Natural Science Museum

Small collection on two floors dedicated to the natural sciences. The highlights are fossils on the ground floor that include some massive mammoth tusks. On the upper level are stuffed animals representing the vario…
Theatre in Craiova

Marin Sorescu National Theatre

For years, Craiova's main drama venue has enjoyed a national and international reputation for theatre excellence. Peformances are normally in Romanian, though the venue occasionally hosts visiting troupes from other…