Cluj-Napoca attractions

Top Choice Arts Centre in Cluj-Napoca

Fabrica de Pensule

More of a living, breathing creative space than a gallery, Fabrica de Pensule teems with just-made artwork by local and foreign creators who use this former paintbrush factory as a studio. Visits are by free guided …
Top Choice Church in Cluj-Napoca

St Michael's Church

The showpiece of Piaţa Unirii is 14th- and 15th-century St Michael’s, the second-biggest Gothic church in Romania (after Braşov’s Black Church). Its neo-Gothic clock tower (1859) towers 80m high, while original Goth…
Museum in Cluj-Napoca

Parcul Etnografic Romulus Vuia

Traditional architecture from around Romania has been faithfully reassembled at this open-air museum, 5km northwest of central Cluj. Most impressive is the Cizer Church; get the attention of a caretaker to allow you…
Museum in Cluj-Napoca

Pharmacy History Collection

Cluj-Napoca’s oldest pharmacy building holds an intriguing collection of medical miscellany. ‘Crab eyes’, skulls and powdered mummy are just a few of the cures on display in these antique-filled rooms. The prettiest…
Gardens in Cluj-Napoca

Alexandru Borza Botanic Gardens

These wonderfully relaxing gardens comprise rockeries, neoclassical statues peeping from tangles of rose, and a Japanese-style garden with a crimson bridge spanning a turtle pond. At the heart of the gardens, find t…
Statue in Cluj-Napoca

Statue of Matthias Corvinus

Hogging the limelight in front of St Michael’s Church is a bulky 1902 statue of horseback Matthias Corvinus, the famous 15th-century Hungarian king.
Cemetery in Cluj-Napoca

Hungarian Cemetery

Founded in the 16th century, this stately cemetery is a memorable place to stroll among elegant tombs and mausoleums of Transylvanian poets and composers, while crows call from the surrounding trees. Enter it downhi…
Gallery in Cluj-Napoca

National Art Museum

The permanent collection of this sizeable gallery has creaky rooms featuring 18th- and 19th-century art, mostly portraits of nobles and their bewigged wives, plus landscapes and religious icons. It’s a pleasant coll…
Museum in Cluj-Napoca

National History Museum of Transylvania

Within this museum of regional history you’ll discover Dacian artefacts, mostly from Sarmizegetusa’s archaeological sites, including glass blow pipes, blacksmithing tools, reconstructed urns and silver bracelets. En…
Church in Cluj-Napoca

Hungarian Reformed Church

Commissioned by the king of Hungary, Matthias Corvinus, in 1486, this church took more than 20 years to complete. Its interior seems spare at first glance, but the carved wooden seats display grand Hungarian heraldr…