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Top Choice Church in Bucovina Monasteries

Arbore Monastery

This Unesco-protected church in the village of Arbore receives a fraction of the visitors of the other painted monasteries and hence feels more private and special. The small scale allows you to study the paintings …
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An unexpectedly elegant restaurant in Rădăuţi, and worth making a special trip for. Antique isn't going for solely traditional cooking (rare for this part of the country), but instead fuses local ingredients with de…
Monastery in Bucovina Monasteries

Voroneţ Monastery

Built in just three months and three weeks by Ştefan cel Mare following a key 1488 victory over the Turks, Voroneţ Monastery is the only painted monastery that has had an internationally recognised colour associated…
Monastery in Bucovina Monasteries

Suceviţa Monastery

Suceviţa Monastery (built 1582–1601) is the largest Bucovina monastery, and some regard it as the finest. It's perhaps best known for its exterior Ladder of Virtues fresco, with its 32 steps to heaven, near the main…
Monastery in Bucovina Monasteries

Moldoviţa Monastery

Built in 1532, Moldoviţa Monastery occupies a fortified quadrangular enclosure with tower, gates and well-tended lawns. The central painted church has been partly restored and features impressive frescoes from 1537.…
Monastery in Bucovina Monasteries

Bogdana Monastery

Rădăuţi is home to Moldavia's oldest church, the mid-14th-century Bogdana Monastery, built by Prince Bogdan I. The church also functions as a mausoleum for eight early Moldavian rulers and their families, including …
Ceramics in Bucovina Monasteries

AF Magopat Gheorghe

Family-run shop selling distinctive local black-glazed pottery. Browse the collection or get a glimpse of the potters at work.
Monastery in Bucovina Monasteries

Humor Monastery

Founded by Chancellor Theodor Bubuiog under Moldavian Prince Petru Rareş, Humor Monastery, built in 1530, is surrounded by ramparts, with a three-level brick-and-wood lookout tower. The narrow walls enclosing the la…
Monastery in Bucovina Monasteries

Putna Monastery

Some 28km northwest of Rădăuţi, along a forested road dotted by traditional villages, Putna Monastery (1466–81) was built by Ştefan cel Mare, following his victory over the Turks at Chilia. About 60 monks live here.…
Monastery in Bucovina Monasteries

Dragomirna Monastery

About 10km north of Suceava in Mitocul Dragomirnei, the 60-nun-strong Dragomirna Monastery was founded between 1602 and 1609 by scholar, calligrapher, artist and bishop Anastasie Crimca. The intricate rope lacing ar…