Getting There & Away

  • Suceava From here, trains run to Gura Humorului (7 lei, 70 minutes, five daily), near the Humor and Voroneţ Monasteries. Bus and maxitaxi services include Gura Humorului (10 lei, one hour, 19 daily) and Rădăuţi (8 lei, 45 minutes, 13 daily).
  • Rădăuţi A bus runs from here to Putna (7 lei, 45 minutes, five daily).
  • Câmpulung Moldovenesc Regular maxitaxis originating here pass through Gura Humorului (7 lei) on their way to Suceava (14 lei).

Getting Around

Public transport is sporadic in these parts, requiring hopping around and backtracking. Infrequent buses and maxitaxis service towns and villages in the region. See the website