The main attractions here are the churches and monasteries themselves, though most of the monasteries also have smaller, separate museums tucked somewhere within the grounds. Normally, a single admission fee (adult/child 5/2 lei) gives access to the churches, gardens and museums. A photography tax (normally 10 lei) allows for taking photos of the church exteriors, but interior photography is always off limits.

There are a handful of common-sense rules for visiting the monasteries, the main one being visitors should act and dress 'respectfully'. In practice, this means no short pants for men and covered shoulders and longer skirts or pants for women. If you turn up in shorts, cover yourself with one of the capes or cloaks hanging on pegs near the entry.


Pensiunes and guesthouses have sprung up in all of the towns and villages where the monasteries are located. Good places to hunt include Gura Humorului, near the Humor and Voroneţ Monasteries, Putna and Suceviţa. Along with the guesthouses, homes with cazare (accommodation) signs abound.


Stand-alone restaurants are few and far between on the roads that connect the monasteries, though sizeable towns like Rădăuţi and Gura Humorului have a decent selection. Hotels and pensions normally cook for nonguests as well. Popas Turistic Bucovina offers traditional regional cooking about 4km from the Suceviţa Monastery.

Guided Tours

A guided tour is the most time-efficient and informative way to visit. Several travel companies offer guided tours, including transport and meals, from their base in Suceava. Câmpulung Moldovenesc is also a practical starting point for exploring the monasteries.