Top Choice Books in Bucharest

Anthony Frost

Serious readers will want to make time for arguably the best English-language bookshop in Eastern Europe. Located in a small passage next to the Creţulescu Church, this shop has a carefully chosen selection of highb…
in Bucharest

Bucureşti Mall

Has children's activities and a movie theatre.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Bucharest

Str Hanul cu Tei

The little courtyard Str Hanul cu Tei is a hidden passageway in the Old Town with a few art galleries and art supply and antique shops.
Folk Crafts in Bucharest

Museum of the Romanian Peasant Gift Shop

For beautifully made woven rugs, table runners, national Romanian costumes, ceramics and other local crafts, don’t miss the excellent folk-art shop at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant; access to the shop is from t…
Perfumes & Cosmetics in Bucharest


Madison is an upscale perfume shop selling high-end personal-care products and made-to-measure scents.
in Bucharest


This bookshop, music store, tearoom and funky backyard garden is a must-visit. Amazing collection of design, art and architecture books, as well as carefully selected CDs and DVDs, including many classic Romanian fi…