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Getting There & Away

Though it's only 40km north of Bucharest, it's not that easy to get to Snagov without your own wheels. The best bet is to catch a maxitaxi (6 lei, 45 minutes) from stands at Piaţa Presei Libera in the north of Bucharest, which will drop you at the centre of Snagov village. The Complex Astoria, from where you can get a boat ride to Snagov Monastery, is a further 3km along the road to the northeast. To cross the lake from Snagov village, try to negotiate with a private motorboat (around 15 lei per crossing) or call Dolce Vita, and they will send a boat across the lake to get you (free ferry for customers).

To reach Snagov by car from Bucharest, follow the signs out of the city to the airport and then keep heading north along the E60 until you see the turn-off for Snagov, which lies 11km from the main road. To reach the western side of the lake, drive past the Snagov exit and turn off at Ciolpani, following the road marked 101N for a few kilometres as it meanders through the forest, getting bumpier and bumpier until it dumps you out around the Dolce Vita hotel complex. Figure on about 60 minutes from central Bucharest, depending on traffic.