Dangers & Annoyances

Bucharest has a poor reputation for security, but it’s exaggerated. Still, as in any big European city, there are risks to be aware of.

While the number of feral dogs on the streets has fallen dramatically in recent years, you may still see a few here and there limping down the street, or more likely passed out under a shady tree or car. The best advice is to ignore them and they will ignore you. Occasionally – rarely – bites occur. If you are bitten, go to a hospital for antirabies injections within 36 hours.

Dishonest taxi drivers constitute another annoyance. The worst offenders tend to be those who park outside the Gara de Nord, in front of the Hotel Inter-Continental or at the airport. By law, drivers are required to post their rates on taxi doors, so look for vehicles that charge from 1.39 to 1.69 lei per kilometre. Anything higher is a rip-off.

Be particularly careful at the Gara de Nord, where aggressive taxi drivers may approach you in English, offering rides or, in some cases, claiming to represent a hotel or hostel. These are scams and the rates are guaranteed to be sky-high. Unless you have previously arranged transport with your accommodation, don’t take a ride with anyone claiming to be from a hostel or hotel.