Bus Station 1

Bus Station in Braşov

The most accessible station is Bus Station 1, next to the train station.

From 6am to 7.30pm maxitaxis leave every half-hour for Bucharest (from 40 lei, 2½ to 3½ hours), stopping in Buşteni and Sinaia. About 10 daily buses or maxitaxis leave for Sibiu (30 lei, 2½ hours), stopping in Făgăraş town. At least three go daily to Sighişoara (35 lei, two hours) and press on to Târgu Mureş (70 lei, three hours). Less frequent buses reach Cluj-Napoca (90 lei, four to five hours, four daily), Constanţa (90 lei, seven hours, three daily) and Iaşi (70 lei, six to seven hours, three daily).