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Top Choice Bistro in Braşov

Bistro de l’Arte

Tucked down a charming side-street, this bohemian joint can be spotted by the bike racks shaped like penny-farthings. There's an almost Parisian feel in Bistro de l'Arte's arty decor and champagne breakfasts (59 lei…
Church in Braşov

Black Church

Romania’s largest Gothic church rises triumphantly over Braşov’s old town. Built between 1385 and 1477, this German Lutheran church was named for its charred appearance after the town’s Great Fire in 1689. Restorati…
Church in Braşov

St Nicholas’ Cathedral

With forested hills rising behind its prickly Gothic spires, St Nicholas’ Cathedral is one of Braşov's most spectacular views. First built in wood in 1392, it was replaced by a Gothic stone church in 1495 and later …
Steak in Braşov

Keller Steak House

Bloody steaks and smooth red wine, served decadently in Keller's cavernous interior… there's more than a hint of a vampire's lair about this upmarket steakhouse. The meat is premium quality, with equally classy wine…
Romanian in Braşov


Steaming soups in hollowed-out loaves of bread, paprika-laced meat stews, and the most generous ratio of cheese and sour cream we've ever seen in a polenta side-dish – do not wear your tight jeans for a feast at Ser…
Coffee in Braşov

Croitoria de Cafea

The best coffee in town can be sipped at this hole-in-the-wall cafe, which has a few wooden stools for you to perch amid bulging bags of beans.
Walls in Braşov

Old Town Fortifications

Old Braşov was once enclosed by mighty fortified walls, 12m high and more than 3km-long. Built in stages between 1400 and 1650, these walls and defence towers were built in anticipation of attacks by the Turks. The …
Museum in Braşov

Ethnographic Museum

If you've ever wondered how hemp and goat hair were transformed into Transylvania's traditional scarlet and white village-wear, this exhibition space adjoining the Art Museum has the answers. Beyond the looms are di…
Mountain in Braşov

Mt Tâmpa

Rising 940m high and visible around Braşov, Mt Tâmpa is adorned with its very own Hollywood-style sign. Hard as it is to imagine, it was the site of a mass-impaling of 40 noblemen by Vlad Țepeș. Banish such ghoulish…
Square in Braşov

Piaţa Sfatului

This wide square, lined with cafes, was once the heart of medieval Braşov. In the centre stands the 1420 Council House (Casa Sfatului), topped by the Trumpeter's Tower, in which town councillors would meet. These da…