Museum in Braşov

Art Museum

A block west of the Heroe's Cemetery is the Art Museum housing a mix-match of Romanian paintings and decorative arts.
Church in Braşov

Black Church

Braşov’s main landmark, the Black Church is the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul, and still used by German Lutherans today. Built between 1383 and 1480, it was named for its appearance after a fire …
Museum in Braşov

Braşov Historical Museum

The old city hall today houses the two-floor, by-the-numbers Braşov Historical Museum, in which the history of the Saxon guilds is recounted (in limited English).
Historic Building in Braşov


In 1524 a new wooden citadel was built in Braşov, on top of Citadel Hill just north, though the stone wall ruins you now see are from the 16th and 17th centuries. Today it houses a couple of beer patios.
Museum in Braşov

Ethnographic Museum

A block west of the Heroe's Cemetery, adjoining the Art Museum, is the Ethnographic Museum. There are laminated handouts (in English, German and French) explaining exhibits; ask for a demo of the early 20th-century …
Gallery in Braşov

Hirscher House

Opposite the historical museum is the Renaissance Hirscher House (built 1539–45), also known as the ‘Merchants House’. It was thoughtfully built by Apollonia Hirscher, the widow of Braşov mayor Lucas Hirscher, so th…
Museum in Braşov

Mureşenilor House Memorial Museum

On Piaţa Sfatului's western side stands the charming Mureşenilor House Memorial Museum, which honours the family of Jacob Mureşan, the first editor of the Romanian-language Gazeta Transylvania, a political newspaper…
Square in Braşov

Piaţa Sfatului

This wide square, chock with cafes, was once the heart of medieval Braşov. In the centre stands the 1420 Council House (Casa Sfatului), topped by the Trumpeter's Tower, in which town councillors, known as centurions…
Church in Braşov

St Nicholas’ Cathedral

St Nicholas’ Cathedral, first built in wood in 1392, replaced by a Gothic stone church in 1495, and later embellished in Byzantine style. Inside are murals of Romania’s last king and queen, covered by plaster to pro…
Mountain in Braşov

Tâmpa Cable Car

The Tâmpa Cable Car offers stunning views from the top of Mount Tâmpa and a communist-era dining room.