Hiking information is scarce, but there are clearly marked trails with red stripes leading from the top of the Borșa Complex Ski Lift. Trails include a two-hour hike (in good weather) to the Prislop Pass (1413m) and a pleasant, 90-minute walk to Cascada Cailor (Horseshoe Waterfall), which is 90m high. If you want to stretch your legs before starting on the trails, there’s a path leading up underneath the ski lift.

Prislop Pass

From the Borşa Complex, a tight, winding road climbs for 10km to the remote 1413m-high Prislop Pass. Hikers can trek north into the Maramureş Mountains or head south into the Rodna Mountains and onward to Moldavia. Red triangles then blue stripes lead to the peak of the Gărgălău Saddle (1925m, two hours). You can then either continue east (red stripes) to the Rotunda Pass, then southeast to Vatra Dornei, or west to the highest part of the massif and on to La Cruce (four to five hours). From here the weather station on the summit of Mt Pietrosul (2305m, blue stripes) is only 90 minutes away, which, among the mind-bending views here, allows for a good long gaze into Ukraine without the hassle of border checks. At this point, it’s a direct hustle back down to Borşa (two to three hours).

Do not attempt to stray too far from these trails without a good map and compass.