Black Sea Coast & Littoral drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cafe in Constanţa


Worth a trip to admire the stunning steampunk-inspired interior of tiles and colours and big bar built from stacks of pulped paperback books. Great coffee, superb cocktails and a smart, modern vibe make this a great…
Club in Mamaia

Crazy Beach

One of the hottest clubs in Mamaia is this open-air lounge and cocktail bar, situated in the extreme north of Mamaia, about 4km beyond the northern telegondola station. Take a taxi (about 10 lei from central Mamaia)…
Club in Vama Veche


Expirat is widely considered Vama's premier dance club and weekend parties in July and August routinely last well into the next morning. On off nights, Expirat is a relatively tame cocktail bar with a nice view out …
Cafe in Constanţa


This is a stylish and secluded spot for coffee or drinks, and works equally well for relaxing in the afternoon or partying in the evening. The main draws are the generous open-air terrace, decent cocktails and a bar…
Beach Bar in Vama Veche


This is the oldest and most likeable of several beachside drinking shacks with their signature thatched roofs and picnic tables. To find it, walk down the main drag, Str Ion Creangă, to the beach and turn left.
Bar in Vama Veche


This scruffily charming cocktail bar is one of the best places in town to sip your drink while you listen to the roar of the surf. It's located just across the street from the beach on the southern end of Vama Veche…
Club in Mamaia


A perennial on the Mamaia summer scene, Megalos is situated in the centre of the resort about 100m south of the northern telegondola station. If this club doesn’t appeal, there are several others nearby.