Black Sea Coast & Littoral attractions

Museum in Constanţa

National History & Archaeological Museum

This is the city's most important museum, though on balance it's a minor disappointment. The stunning exhibits of vases, jewellery and statuary from the Greek and Roman periods, lasting until about AD 500, easily ju…
Ruins in Black Sea Coast & Littoral

Histria Archaeological Complex & Museum

About 65km north of Constanţa, Histria, or Istros, settled in 657 BC by Greek traders, is Romania’s oldest town. Its founding by Greek colonists, through the Hellenic decline, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire a…
Museum in Constanţa

Natural Sciences Museum Complex

The museum complex is more of a zoo than traditional museum, with exhibits on flora and fauna, including live birds and other animals, common to the Black Sea region. The complex features a dolphinarium, with daily …
Ruins in Constanţa

Roman Mosaic

Located just behind and south of the National History & Archaeological Museum, a modern building protects what's left of a Roman floor mosaic dating from the 4th century that was discovered in the 1960s. The sit…
Museum in Constanţa

Naval History Museum

This museum offers a fascinating if slightly confusing stroll through 2000 years of maritime history on the Black Sea. The exhibit begins in the Greco-Roman period, with some intricate models of old Roman boats, but…
Historic Building in Constanţa


Constanţa's stunning but sadly derelict art-nouveau casino, dating from 1910, was awaiting a long overdue renovation at the time of research and closed to the public. The building was commissioned by King Carol I an…
Museum in Constanţa

Art Museum

This airy museum in an atrium is heavy on 19th-century realism and landscapes, including those by Nicolae Grigorescu, whose pointillist and Impressionist paintings anticipated more modern movements. Our favourite ha…
Mosque in Constanţa

Great Mahmudiye Mosque

This impressive mosque is the seat of the mufti and was built in 1910 by King Carol I. It's the spiritual home of the 50,000 Muslims who inhabit the coastal region. The highlight is the enormous Persian rug, said…
Planetarium in Constanţa


Constanţa's planetarium, located just next to the Natural Sciences Museum Complex, is a fun rainy-day treat for kids. The 3D projection shows throughout the day are narrated in Romanian, but the visual effects are s…
Museum in Constanţa

Folk Art Museum

This large and impressive collection features folk costumes, implements, household items and interiors of traditional homes from around Romania.