Property description

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The Hostel has two levels, seven rooms, 30 beds, kitchen, dining and meeting room in the wine cellar, and a room for the toilets, washing and showering.

On the first floor we have the kitchen and the dining room (the old wine cellar).

At the second floor we have 4 rooms: one with 3 beds, one with 2 bunk beds (4 beds in total), one with 4 bunk beds (8 beds in total), one with 2 bunk beds and 2 normal beds (6 beds in total).

In the second house we have 3 rooms: one with two normal beds, one with 3 normal beds and one with 4 normal beds, two toilets with shower and a meeting room.

We also have a big garden which can be used as a meeting space, playground and so on.