The Bicaz Gorges belong to the Hăşmaş-Bicaz Gorges National Park (Parcul Naţional Hăşmaş-Cheile Bicazului). The main activities are hiking the park and lake, and boating on Lacu Roşu.


A mostly flat, scenic track marked by a red cross (4km, one hour) circles the lake. Another relatively easy trail, marked by a yellow triangle, circles back from Lacu Roşu to the Bicaz Gorges (3.2km, one hour), while other more demanding trails ascend the various peaks, all offering stunning views. A more challenging trail, marked by a blue stripe, runs from the southern end of the lake to Poiana Albă at 1468m (8km, two hours).


Wild camping is permitted, every other house displays a cazare sign, and there are several hotels and villas to choose from.


The shore of Lacu Roşu is lined with seasonal restaurants and fast-food joints where you can grab a salad or plate of grilled meats. For something more substantial, try the restaurant at the Hotel Lacu Roşu.


Watch for numerous souvenir stalls perched precariously below the rocks and cliffs along Hwy 12C as the road snakes through the gorge. If you're driving, note that the stalls are placed in areas where it's wide enough to park the car and take some photos.