From the bridge over the Olt River, just west of Lacul Ciucaş, you can embark on the Falcon's Stone Nature Trail, a 2.5km medium-difficult ramble. The path has red markings and an elevation difference of 189m taking one or two hours (return). The walk takes in views of the andesite protrusions of Falcon's Stone Natural Protected Area, which is home to brown bears, wildcats and grey wolves.

A winding 24km drive southeast, you can swim or stroll beside St Anne’s Lake. In summer rowboats are available for hire.


Numerous pensions provide a homely place to stay the night, and there are a couple of midrange spa hotels too.


Pensions usually serve home-cooked food, while spa hotels offer pan-European fare.

Drinking & Nightlife

Perhaps inexplicably for a small spa town, Băile Tuşnad does have a nightclub. Really, you're better off sashaying towards the cafe culture of Miercurea Ciuc, 32km north, or pressing 50km south to Braşov.