Baia Mare attractions

Museum in Baia Mare

Village Museum

The Village Museum displays 15 traditional wooden houses (plus gates, barns and even a pigsty), for which the region is famed. The 16th-century Church of St George relocated here from Budeşti is still used for servi…
Tower in Baia Mare

Stephen’s Tower

Looming above newly created Piaţa Cetăţii, this 40m-high Gothic-style tower dating from the mid-15th century once served as the belfry for an adjoining church destroyed in 1847. The four-faced mechanical clock dates…
Museum in Baia Mare

Ethnographic & Folk Art Museum

Northwest of the stadium in the City Park, this comprehensive collection in four large rooms traces traditional life in Maramureş from cradle to grave, with especially interesting exhibits on local trades and archit…
Museum in Baia Mare

County Art Museum

Founded in 1896 by the Hungarian painter Simon Hollósy and dedicated to the famous Baia Mare Artist Colony (Centrul Artistic Baia Mare), this museum exhibits some 400 paintings by Romanian and Hungarian artists over…
Museum in Baia Mare

Maramureş History & Archaeology Museum

This expansive complex focuses on archaeological finds from Maramureş, including the mother of all clay-pot collections from the Bronze Age; mining through the ages, once the lifeblood of Baia Mare; and clocks datin…
Tower in Baia Mare

Butchers’ Bastion

This circular tower, the only remaining fortification of the 15th-century city walls, is where famous brigand Grigore Pintea Viteazul was shot in 1703. It is now used for temporary exhibitions.
Museum in Baia Mare

Baia Mare Mineralogical Museum

This museum houses an interesting collection of rare minerals and gems from the Baia Mare region, but is suited more to enthusiasts than the general public.
Historic Building in Baia Mare

Casa Iancu de Hunedoara

Transylvanian Prince Iancu de Hunedoara (János Hunyadi in Hungarian), royal governor of Hungary (1446–53), successfully thrashed the Turks on the banks of the Danube close to Belgrade in 1456, and lived in this 15th…
Monument in Baia Mare

Romanian Soldiers Monument

The fascist-looking WWI Romanian Soldiers Monument is in the park to the west of Dealul Florilor Municipal Stadium; next to it are the graves of 75 of the fallen. Open-air religious services are often held next to t…
Stadium in Baia Mare

Dealul Florilor Municipal Stadium

In the City Park, north across the footbridge over the Săsar River, this stadium is home to Baia Mare's football club.