Internet access is good. Most hotels invariably offer some form of internet, normally wi-fi, for you to use with your own laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Many bars, cafes and restaurants offer free wi-fi for customers, though the strength and reliability of the signal can vary. McDonald's and KFC outlets nationwide offer free wi-fi for customers.

Finding a Computer

Finding a computer to use for a few minutes of web surfing has gotten harder as many hotels have dropped the former practice of making a computer terminal available for guests.

  • Larger hotels will sometimes have a 'business centre', though this may incur an added fee.
  • The situation with internet cafes is much the same. As more Romanians purchase their own computers, the number of internet cafes has dropped.
  • Internet cafes normally charge 5 to 7 lei per hour.
  • Other options include the tourist information offices, which may have a terminal available for a few minutes of gratis surfing, or the local library.