Top things to do in Around Baia Mare

Church in Around Baia Mare

Remetea Chioarului Church

This tiny church, dating from 1800, is the highlight of Ţara Chioarului. It contains some faint interior paintings of St Nicholas to the left of the vaulted ceiling and the Holy Trinity in the centre.
Church in Around Baia Mare

Surdeşti Church

One of the most magnificent churches in the Maramureş region, with a 54m-high steeple and splendid wall and ceiling paintings.
Museum in Around Baia Mare

Vasile Lucaciu Memorial Museum

This museum consists of both a series of rooms tracing the life and work of the priest/reformer Vasile Lucaciu (left) and the house where he lived for almost three decades (right).
Church in Around Baia Mare

Plopiş Church

A Unesco-listed church dating from the late 18th century, it has a towering steeple and fine paintings of Christ's Passion, Adam and Eve and the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
Church in Around Baia Mare

Valea Chioarului Church

This delightful tall church next to the bus stop in the centre of the Valea Chioarului village has some decent interior wall paintings.
Church in Around Baia Mare

Lăschia Church

This church dates from 1861 and has an unusually bulbous steeple, almost like an onion dome with a pointed top.