Baia Mare to Izvoare

North of Baia Mare a small road designated Rte 183 twists and turns through the remote villages of Firiza, Blidari and Valea Neagră, culminating some 38km from the centre of town at Izvoare, where there are natural springs.

Viewing churches is not on the agenda here; come to enjoy the mountainous countryside dotted with the odd wooden cottage and ramshackle farm. The most popular hiking destination in the area is Igniş Peak (1307m), which is used by paragliders.

This route is not served by public transport and, if driving, you must return the way you came as there is no exit onto Hwy 18 from Rte 183. A hiking trail (five to six hours, waymarked with red triangles) leads from Baia Mare to Izvoare; it starts about 3km north of the city along the Baia Mare–Izvoare road.