Top things to do in Apuseni Nature Park

Cave in Apuseni Nature Park

Ice Cave

The most famous cave in Apuseni Nature Park, Ice (or Glacier) Cave houses one of the largest underground glaciers in Europe – one of just 10 – and is filled with 7500 cu metres of ice dating back to the Ice Age. Tou…
Cave in Apuseni Nature Park

Bears Cave

If you don't have the time (or the hiking boots) to venture to the Apuseni Mountains' more remote grottoes, visits to this cave allow you a glimpse of the region's limestone underworld. Discovered in 1975, this 1500…
Cave in Apuseni Nature Park

Meziad Cave

Travelling from Oradea along Hwy 76, Meziad is the first major cave in Apuseni Nature Park. It's about 12km northeast of the town of Beiuş and 3km from the village of Meziad. The cave features an enormous opening an…