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Getting There & Away

From Cluj-Napoca, it's possible to reach Padiş by car along the 108C from Huedin via Rachiţele, though the road wasn't in good condition when we rattled in. Ask locally for the latest road advice, and don't even think about it in bad weather. You may wish to take the long way around, entering the park from the western side. Much nicer is route 1R south from Huedin, though it doesn't plough as deep into the park; still, there are numerous roadside guesthouses along the way.

Public transport from Cluj-Napoca isn't straightforward: board a bus from Cluj to Huedin (7 to 10 lei, one hour, 12 daily). Infrequent local minibuses run from Huedin to Rachiţele, from where you can hike into the park (some travellers hitchhike).