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Getting There & Away

Direct bus and maxitaxi services from Alba Iulia’s bus station reach Bucharest (60 lei, six hours, six to eight daily), Cluj-Napoca (20 lei, two hours, hourly), Deva (18 to 20 lei, 1½ hours, 10 daily), Sibiu (15 lei, 1½ hours, hourly), Târgu Mureş (32 to 35 lei, 2½ hours, three daily) and Timişoara (44 lei, 4½ to six hours, four daily).

From Alba Iulia's train station, there are daily runs to Cluj-Napoca (35 lei, 2½ hours, five daily), Deva (9 to 22 lei, two hours, four daily), Timişoara (67 lei, five hours, three daily) and Sibiu (12 lei, 2½ hours, two daily). One daily train reaches Bucharest (94 lei, 11 hours), with more via Deva and Simeria.