Sofia Communist tour, museum and restaurant from that epoch

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-  Communist tour-  Some of the symbols of this epoch in Bulgaria-  Museum- Restaurant and meals made by the chef of  Todor Zhivkov ( Prime Minister of Bulgaria 7.07.1971 – 17 .11.1989)- Start at NDK ( National Palace of Culture) - every Friday and Monday at 11:00 am
Excursion: Communism past and visiting museums. For more than half a century, Bulgaria is a part of the community of socialist countries: Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, GDR, Cuba, Mongolia, Albania and also allied republics of the ex - federations of the USSR and Yugoslavia. That was the period of one – party rule of the communist party. As a part of the new communist ideology in the country from 1947 since 1989, Sofia unfolds a massive socialist construction and the Government complex in the style of the Stalinist Empire in the city center is a good example of this.The new ideology is reflected in all spheres of culture, especially in the art. A numerous monuments in honor of founders if the Bulgarian Communistic movement in Soviet army. Now many of the monuments are located in open air museums. Architecture and park of the complex in honor of Soviet Army is untouched and it`s a favorite place for rest for the citizens of capital. To square of the National Palace of Culture – one of the symbols of socialism of Bulgaria, in 1997 was made a complex “Memorial” in honor of more than seven thousands fighters against the communist system. It consist of a fragment of the Berlin Wall, a monument and a chapel. You can see how it looks like a policeman, a fireman and the awards and state symbols for this period? Other interesting exhibits are a lie detector, breathing apparatus, weapons and documents which you will see in the museum. You will have the opportunity to meet the chef of Todor Zhivkov ( Prime Minister of Bulgaria 7.07.1971 – 17 .11.1989) in a restaurant, to try what kind of food was during the communism, and believe me everything is cheap and tasty.The tour starts in front of the National theatre Ivan Vazov. You will see a small part of the former mausoleum, a complex of the Soviet army, Central universal shop, the monument of the creator of the computer John Atanasov, Architecture complex and National Palace of Culture.

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