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The communist regime in Romania definitely was the most oppressive in Central and Eastern Europe, leaving deep marks in all that concerns different social aspects like economy, religion, architecture and culture. • See the first Romanian Parliament and find out how the first outlaw communists plotted a bomb attack against the democrats. • Find out all the superlatives characteristic to the second biggest administrative building in the world, the Palace of the Parliament. • Visit one of the neighborhoods built for the communist elite during the time of Stalin. • See the biggest unfinished communist urban project, Casa Radio. • Enjoy more stories about the life in communism and how the regime finally collapsed: The Revolution.

Ceausescu's regime is considered to be the most oppressive of all the communist regimes in the Eastern Bloc, very similar to the Kim dynasty in North Korea, which made his rule in Romania like no other...    Communism started right after the Second World War with 12 years of Russian occupation, at Yalta where Churchill traded Romania for Greece. From that moment everything went gradually crazy.    You will see all this right from the beginning of the tour by visiting the second biggest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon, Ceausescu's Palace or People's Palace how Ceausescu was calling it. A huge project that during construction was consuming 5 to 6 percent of Romania's GDP.     Right after, you will see a hidden neighborhood, that was built for the Party elites, in the 1950's, during the times of Stalin.  You will have the opportunity to see the contrasts between the housing projects built for the common people and the communists.    After a sightseeing stop at the biggest unfinished communist construction site, planned to be turned into a mall in capitalist times, you will finish the tour at the Revolution Square where Ceausescu hold his last speech in front of the people.

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